Sent Church

2020 Freedom Challenge


Why Debt Free by 2020?


Imagine having your largest monthly bill eliminated. Maybe that’s your house payment, a medical bill, or college loans. Immediately, you are free to apply those funds in new ways: blessing those in need, giving more than ever before, investing in the future.

These are the exact reasons why we at Sent Church are so excited about our goal of eliminating all debt ($750,000) by 2020! The possibilities, once our church is debt free, are endless. We’ll experience new found freedom to do things like:

• Support and raise up missionaries like never before!
• Bless those in need both in our community and around the world!
• Determine the next right step for our property here in Plano!
• Prepare a debt free legacy for the next generation at Sent Church!

These are only a few of the countless possibilities. What is certain is that it will all go to furthering God’s Kingdom and spreading His Gospel!

Please prayerfully consider being a part of this faith challenge. You can download and print a pledge card here. Please feel free to drop it in the offering plate at the next service you attend.

Thanks for your incredible partnership and generosity as we look towards all that God has in store for us!

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