Sent Church


At Sent Church, our ministries are about:

  • Exploring, risking, and finding new ways to be a people on mission

Christopher Columbus explored the unknown world for much more than fame and fortune—what the history books don’t tell us is he was mostly motivated by mission. He believed his journeys to new lands would speed up Jesus’ return, and he devoted much of his life to the cause.

We’re not discovering new civilizations, but we are constantly looking for new ways to reach the world. All of life is a “mission trip” when you’re a Christ-follower, and we want everyone to be part of the adventure.

  • Casting a vision for what it means to be a follower of Jesus

The church isn’t a club with passive members, but a growing, dynamic body where each person takes action. We call people to a Person worth serving, a process of growing to be more like him, and the possibility for abundant life when we follow his lead.

  • Engaging environments and opportunities to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit

It’s pretty easy to “do church,” but our practices and programs have value only when they point to the transcendent—and help people experience it. In our worship, prayer, study, and service, we seek to experience God and share that experience with others. People are transformed by the Spirit, so we create space (and spaces) for the Spirit to move.

  • Challenging people to know God deeply, be in community, and live sent

“Here is the church, here is the steeple. Open the door and see all the people”—right? Of course not—the church is Christ’s body sent out to serve the world, not a collection of people inside a building. We love to worship and learn together, but we’re at our best when devotions are combined with doing.

You can’t follow Christ without moving. We create opportunities for every person at every stage to take action and put feet to their faith.

  • Empowering people to live boldly

We are faith pioneers, ready to try new things and go new places. We have the armor of God, the blood of Jesus, and the fruit of the Spirit. We can do all things with Christ and we’ve devoted our lives to his call. Whatever he asks, wherever he leads, we’re ready to go.

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