Sent Church

Please Pray – 25 & 25 in 2025


For the next 25 days, please pray over one of the following items each day. We truly cherish your partnership in prayer as we head into this exciting season!

1. For the worship of God to be our #1 focus.

2. For a culture of investing in, and inviting of, others to continue to grow.

3. That we as a church would be guest-obsessed on Sunday mornings.

4. That we would be continually staffed with passionate volunteers in every area of our ministry.

5. That we care for each guest as they walk through Night @ The Nash’s, Explore Class, and Engage Class.

6. That more and more individuals choose to become ministry partners in the pursuit of the 2025 vision.

7. For continued generosity from Sent Church folks as we fund the vision God has given.

8. That Sent recruits and trains 25 new life-giving small group leaders.

9. For the availability and training up of 200 new leaders at Sent Church.

10. For a structure that calls forth and trains new church planters for the Sent Church Network.

11. For more and more at Sent Church to live as missionaries and accept the responsibility of being Missionary Makers.

12. That we would see orchards when before we only saw apples or trees.

13. That we would trust God and plan for orchards.

14. That we would not lose our focus on living sent; a lifestyle that moves us toward the last and least, and works for justice.

15. That we would continually think of the next generation, the ones we will never meet (even on the other side of the globe), when we ask “what kinds of churches does the world need?”

16. That we would be reminded of the small mustard seed in this process.

17. That we would be reminded that seeds have to find good soil to sprout and grow.

18. That we would realize that seeds have to die before they grow.

19. That every volunteer at Sent would think and move towards replicating themselves.

20. That we would do our best in creating adequate structure for the movement so that it is orderly and vibrant.

21. That a heart for lost people would consume us in our decision making.

22. That history would judge this time as a re-awakening of spiritual fervor in America, and we played our part.

23. That we would continually send our best, even when it is hard

24. That this thing would get so out of control that we don’t know what children (churches) are in our spiritual lineage.

25. That God would be glorified as we follow where He is leading us.

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