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Thomas Food List

What are Thomas Food Packs?

Thomas Food Packs are backpacks that are delivered to Thomas Elementary in the Plano Independent School District filled with food for kids who are on either free or reduced lunches. These kids are at risk of not having enough food to eat on the weekends. Every other month, we gather food so the following month, we can deliver the food each week to Thomas Elementary. 

What is so important about Food Packs?

Please donate small, individual-sized and kid-friendly foods.

  • Microwaveable Easy Mac & Cheese Cups
  • Chef Boyardee Pasta Cups
  • Soup on the Go Cups
  • GoldFish or Cheese Snack Crackers
  • Small Cereal Boxes or Cereal Bars
  • Applesauce or 100% Fruit Gummies/Snacks
  • Peanut Butter

Drop your donations off on Sunday in the Lobby or give monetarily at

*No items containing nuts except jars of peanut butter
*Please check all expiration dates

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